First United Kansas Independent Tour
Rules of Play:

Tee off order - on the 1st tee, we will tee off in order of results from the previous tournament.  All other tees follow 'honors' system.  "It's your honor, your Honor."

Ready golf - as long as nobody is in harm's way, play 'ready golf' up to the green.  Once on the green, furthest from the hole putts first.  "Cannonball!"

Putting - No 'gimme' putts.  Putt everything regardless of proximity to the hole.  "Are you too good for your home?!!"

Penalties - All lost balls, water balls, and OB are 1 stroke.  Spend no more than 2 minutes searching for a lost ball.  If your ball is lost, in the water or OB, drop a ball where the group agrees is fair and add 1 stroke to your score.  "Right in the lumberyard, Danny."

Scoring - Maximum score per hole is 2X course scorecard par.  If you have reached that point, pick up your ball.  "How do you measure yourself with other golfers?"  "By height."

Mulligans - No mulligans are allowed on any hole.  "Spalding, you'll get nothing and like it!"

Conditions - You may improve your lie up to six inches in any direction, except on the green or in playable hazards.  "Why don't you improve your lie a little, Judge?"  "Yes, winter rules..."