The Kansas "Fellas" Tour
Kansas Fellas Tour - By Invitation Only

Season entry: $20
Tournament cost: $20

Season Rules:
Each entrant collects points throughout the season.  At the end of the season, the pot will be divided as follows:

1st Place (most accumulated points): 50% of pot
2nd Place: 30% of pot
3rd Place: 20% of pot

Each tournament, except the Tour Championship, is worth the following points:

1st Place: 5 points
2nd Place: 3 points
3rd Place: 2 points
Participant (didn't place): 1 point

The Tour Championship is worth the following points:

1st Place: 10 points
2nd place: 6 points
3rd place: 4 points
Participant (didn't place): 1 point

Tournament Rules:
Rules are here.  Scoring is standard scoring.  All players play from the same tees.  Handicaps will be established and adjusted as necessary, from tournament to tournament, to make the playing field even for all, regardless of skill level.

The $20 tournament fee is to cover the tournament's "skins" game.  A "skin" is earned by shooting the lowest score relative to (handicapped) par on a particular hole.  In the event of a tie, no "skin" is awarded.  The pot for the "skins" game will be split between all players who won a skin throughout the 18 hole card.

Tour Standards:
-Dress code is determined by the course we are playing.  Keep it classy, boys.
-Drinking on tour is not only allowed but encouraged.
-Tournaments will be on Saturdays only.  We will attempt to make start times such that same-day traveling is possible.